About Red Gold

Red Gold started out as a perfume house creating a range of rose oil-based fragrances for men and women. In awe of the discovery of the restorative power of their main fragrant – essential rose oil – the London-based brand expanded into skincare. Red represents ‘The Rose’, and Gold ‘the Sun’.

Founder Rada Ilcheva is a former flight attendant turned businesswoman. Selecting products and ingredients from the huge beauty market with fastidious care, and experimenting on herself for years, she channeled her vast experience and family heritage into her own brand of cosmetics. Rada describes her brand as harnessing the magic of noble nature, and views her blend of ancient recipes and modern ingredients as a form of applied alchemy.

Red Gold fuses unique herbal healing knowledge references from across South East Europe. The perfect ingredients for the skincare range are carefully sourced from all over the world. The final products are handmade and assembled in Europe.