Our Story

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you the story of RED GOLD London.

As a child, I would listen to the stories told by my grandmother who was born in Thracia, the home of Orphic mysteries, roses and golden treasures.

She spoke of Orpheus, the legendary poet and musician, whose music could charm all living things and lead nature itself to reveal its secrets. She told me that roses are guardians of our loving human nature, and our health depends on power of soul, curiosity of mind and mildness of heart.

I remember my grandmother’s vast collection of small bottles, each a different colour and scent. We would play a game whereby if I guessed the aroma, she would tell me the magic and the secrets held within each of the bottles. This is how I learnt that rose oil awakens love, chamomile gives strength, pine protects, lavender purifies, rose hip retains youth … and wildflower meadows are fairies’ paintings.

Years later, whilst working for an airline company, I travelled the world and used the opportunity to explore and appreciate the many diverse scents and herbs that can be found.
After many years of selecting products and ingredients, with fastidious care, from the huge high-end beauty market, experimenting and channeling old knowledge, I founded RED GOLD London.

It took courage to follow my heart, and passion to create, design and launch my own unique brand. The magic of my childhood, and my experience over the years, drew me closer to something new and yet familiar.

I am proud to introduce to you RED GOLD London – the powerful and precious blend of beauty, health, ancient recipes and modern experience!

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