Our Promise to You

At RED GOLD London we create beauty with passion.

We are a company focusing on quality, responsibility and image. Just as a small boutique with personal service and a lot of style.

Our principle is to create cosmetics with wonderful textures and delicate natural scents that deliver instant visible results, and fragrances invoking beautiful sensation of individuality. All this wrapped in an adorable packaging.

We omit anything we perceive could cause harm.
NO: parabens; synthetic fragrances; mineral oils; phthalates; silicones; DEA; GMO; BHT.

Every single ingredient is picked personally, every single packaging is designed personally, and every single product is created or evaluated personally by our founder.

We are personal, which is one of the reasons we are special. And we take care that our treats always work.

Just like roses are always beautiful and luxury makes you feel always special.

Effectiveness and Reliability
We follow the principle to combine at least two cutting-edge active ingredients for fast, strongly perceived effects. Our products are made with the most potent herbs for achieving visible targeted results.
RED GOLD London fragrances are creations inspired by the associative feelings that only a perfume can provoke. They are instantly recognisable and invoke drifting thoughts, and a beautiful sensation of individuality.

Quality and Safety
At RED GOLD London we use fresh organic oils, flower waters and extracts, and scientifically proven safe and effective active ingredients. We operate under exceptionally high standards of quality and safety. and omit anything we perceive could cause harm – NO: parabens; synthetic fragrances; mineral oils; phthalates; silicones; gluten; NANO; DEA; GMO; BHT.

Respect to Environment and Fairtrade
At RED GOLD London we package in containers made from recyclable materials and choose natural, wild and organic ingredients. We respect animals – our raw materials and the final products are not tested on animals. We follow policies that make trade fair – better prices, sustainability, and decent working conditions for farmers and workers in the developing world.

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