Our Promise to You

At RED GOLD London we create beauty with passion. 

We are a specialized boutique company working with unique high-quality ingredients with the aim to create exceptional natural cosmetic products and exclusive fragrances invoking stunning sensations of distinctiveness and personal individuality.

Every single ingredient is meticulously selected with the greatest care and following exhaustive research. Every single product is conceptualized, designed and brought to market personally by our founder.

We take our business very personally and we are truly conscientious about the instant effectiveness and high quality of our exceptional cosmetic product creations.

At RED GOLD London we are convinced that exceptional high-quality luxury skincare represents that priceless moment of extravagant indulgence every person would absolutely love in their every day.

Just like roses are heavenly delightful and opulent luxury makes you feel unique and very special.

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Effectiveness and Reliability
We strictly abide by our internal rule to always combine at least two cutting-edge active ingredients for timely and pronounced effects. Our exclusive product creations contain some of the most potent herbs aiming for exceptional robust and discernible targeted results.

RED GOLD London fragrances are unique and instantly recognisable creations inspired by the associative feelings that only a perfume can provoke

Quality and Safety
At RED GOLD London we use select fresh organic oils, flower waters and extracts as well as scientifically-proven safe and effective unique active ingredients. We operate under exceptionally high standards of quality and safety. We absolutely exclude harmful ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, phthalates, silicones and all ethanolamine compounds.

Respect for the Environment and Fair Trade
At RED GOLD London we focus on selecting all-natural ingredients. We respect animals – our raw materials and the final products are not tested on animals. We follow policies that make sustainability and trade fair – better prices and decent working conditions.

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