Our Story


Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you the story of RED GOLD London.

As a child, I would listen to the stories told by my grandmother who was born in Thracia, the home of Orphic mysteries, roses and golden treasures.

She spoke of Orpheus, the legendary poet and musician, whose music could charm all living things and lead nature itself to reveal its secrets. She told me that roses are guardians of our loving human nature, and our health depends on power of soul, curiosity of mind and mildness of heart.
I remember my grandmother’s vast collection of small bottles, each a different colour and scent. We would play a game whereby if I guessed the aroma, she would tell me the magic and the secrets held within each of the bottles. This is how I learnt that rose oil awakens love, chamomile gives strength, pine protects, lavender purifies, rose hip retains youth … and wildflower meadows are fairies’ paintings.

Years later, whilst working for an airline company, I travelled the world and used the opportunity to explore and appreciate the many diverse scents and herbs that can be found.
After many years of selecting products and ingredients, with fastidious care, from the huge high-end beauty market, experimenting and channeling old knowledge, I founded RED GOLD London.

It took courage to follow my heart, and passion to create, design and launch my own unique brand. The magic of my childhood, and my experience over the years, drew me closer to something new and yet familiar.

I am proud to introduce to you RED GOLD London - the powerful and precious blend of beauty, health, ancient recipes and modern experience!

At RED GOLD London we create beauty with passion.

We are a company focusing on quality, responsibility and image. Just as a small boutique with personal service and a lot of style.

Our principle is to create cosmetics with wonderful textures and delicate natural scents that deliver instant visible results, and fragrances invoking beautiful sensation of individuality. All this wrapped in an adorable packaging.

We omit anything we perceive could cause harm.
NO: parabens; synthetic fragrances; mineral oils; phthalates; silicones; DEA; GMO; BHT.

Every single ingredient is picked personally, every single packaging is designed personally, and every single product is created or evaluated personally by our founder.

We are personal, which is one of the reasons we are special. And we take care that our treats always work.

Just like roses are always beautiful and luxury makes you feel always special.

Our Values

Effectiveness and Reliability
We follow the principle to combine at least two cutting-edge active ingredients for fast, strongly perceived effects. Our products are made with the most potent herbs for achieving visible targeted results.
RED GOLD London fragrances are creations inspired by the associative feelings that only a perfume can provoke. They are instantly recognisable and invoke drifting thoughts, and a beautiful sensation of individuality.

Quality and Safety
At RED GOLD London we use fresh organic oils, flower waters and extracts, and scientifically proven safe and effective active ingredients. We operate under exceptionally high standards of quality and safety. and omit anything we perceive could cause harm – NO: parabens; synthetic fragrances; mineral oils; phthalates; silicones; gluten; NANO; DEA; GMO; BHT.

Respect to Environment and Fairtrade
At RED GOLD London we package in containers made from recyclable materials and choose natural, wild and organic ingredients. We respect animals - our raw materials and the final products are not tested on animals. We follow policies that make trade fair – better prices, sustainability, and decent working conditions for farmers and workers in the developing world.

About Damask Rose


The ROSA DAMASCENA, commonly known as DAMASK ROSE, is an ancient plant. Some fossils of rose plant and roses are found that are 30 million years old.

Some evidences indicate that the origin of rose water is Persia, and the origin of rose fragrant oil and extracts is ancient Thracia.

Damask rose is cultivated in all over the world, but it is well known, that the highest quality Rose Otto Essential Oil comes from the same Thracia, now situated in the south of Bulgaria. Thanks to the specific geographic and climate conditions – favorable temperatures in February, when blossoming buds formed, the maroon forest soils and frequency of the rainfalls during the rose picking in May and June, the Rose Valley in Bulgaria is the producer of the best attar of roses in the world.

Because of the low oil content in Rosa damascena and the lack of natural and synthetic substitutes, essential rose oil is one of the most expensive ones in the world markets.

Chemical composition
More than 95 macro-and-micro-components are found in the essential oil of Rosa damascena from Iran, Europe, Turkey and India, and over 300 are they in the Damask rose essential oil from Bulgaria, including terpenes, glycosides, flavonoids, anthocyanins, carboxylic acid, myrcene, vitamin C, kaempferol, and quercetin. The uniqueness of the Bulgarian Rose Oil is under EU protection of geographical indications and designations of origin.

Traditional uses
Rose oil heals depression, grief, nervous stress and tension. It helps in wound healing, reduction of inflammation, and skin health. Vapor therapy of rose oil is helpful for some allergies, headaches, and migraine. The most therapeutic effects of Rosa damascena in ancient medicine are including treatment of abdominal and chest pain, strengthening the heart, treatment of bleeding and digestive problems.

Pharmacological studies
Several pharmacological properties have been reported for Damask Rose, and we would like to present some of them here.

Antioxidant effects
In vivo study showed a potent antioxidant and lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects comparable to tocopherol. (1)

Anti-inflammatory effect
Essential oil shows no anti-inflammatory effect while the extract could significantly reduce edema which maybe acted by inhibiting the mediators of acute inflammation. In addition, Rosa damascena contains vitamin C which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. (2) (3) (4)
Anti-ageing effects

The effects of a rose-flower extract on the mortality rate of Drosophila melanogaster was evaluated in a study. Supplementing Drosophila with the Damask rose extract resulted in a statistically significant decrease in mortality rate in male and female flies. Moreover, the observed anti-aging effects were not associated with common confounds of anti-aging properties, such as a decrease in fecundity or metabolic rate. This study postulated that the antioxidant properties of Rosa damascena could have contributed to prolongation of life span in Drosophila. (5)
Antimicrobial effects
It has been shown that Rosa damascena has wide spectrum antimicrobial activities.

Protective effects on
neuritic atrophy
Rosa damascena has beneficial effects on the brain function such as treatment of dementia. (6)
Effect on respiratory system
Relaxant effect of extract, essential oil and fractions from Rosa damascena. (7) (8) (9)

(1) Shahriari S, Yasa N, Mohammadirad A, Khorasani R, Abdollahi M. In vitro antioxidant potential of Rosa damascene extract from guilan, Iran comparable to - tocopherol. Int J Pharmacol. 2007;3:187–190.
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