Snail Caviar

Cream Intense

An intense cream that contains 20% pure snail caviar, a naturally produced snail product, collection of which does not harm the animals. Empowered with Organic Bulgarian Damask Rose Oil.

30 ml £79.00


This exceptional cream combines two powerful natural ingredients:

  • Snail caviar, which has proven cutaneous stem cells activation and thus prevent their loss. It acts as a natural firming agent delivering instant lifting effect, filling existing wrinkles, and softening facial lines. It also contains unique combination of vitamins, nucleic acids, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids that nourish and improve skin elasticity, increase its antioxidant capacity and stimulate the natural barrier function of skin.
  • Damask Rose with its one-of-a-kind antiseptic, calming, antioxidant and anti-ageing properties. It strengthens the skin while toning and lifting by contracting the blood vessels. This gives protection against wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Both snail caviar and rose oil even the skin tone, purify and leave youthful and fresh appearance.

How to use

Ideal for

  • Toning & lifting
  • Oily and combination skin
  • Boosting natural collagen
  • Youthful skin texture and tone
  • Wrinkles & lines
  • Ageing prevention & protection
  • Mattifying